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Choosing the right nursing home for your loved one is a difficult task, and you will want to obtain as much information as possible before you make a final decision. Reading your province’s evaluation of the home is an important first step, but the reports can be wordy and hard to understand.Organizations that manage nursing home waiting lists, and government representatives who evaluate homes, cannot give their opinions or make recommendations. Going on a tour is highly recommended, and very helpful (please see Nursing Home Tour Checklist), however it is hard to determine if the quality of medical and nursing care meets your high standards.

Those who know the home best, and can give you insight into the multiple facets of the home are the family members of residents themselves. Because these individuals spend so much time in the home and are in constant contact with staff, they, more than anybody, know if: the facility is well kept; the programs and services are suitable and accessible; staff is consistently courteous and respectful; and, most importantly, if the medical and nursing care is outstanding.

At NursingHomeRatings.ca we ask residents’ family members to rate the nursing home where their loved one is staying. You can read nursing homes’ average ratings on a series of questions, and read comments and opinions of the home. Read about, and compare, all the homes you are considering so that you can be confident about your decision.

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I developed NursingHomeRatings.ca for family members who are choosing a nursing home for their loved one. My goal is to help these people make a more informed and confident decision for their loved one. Having worked as an Administrator of a nursing home I saw, firsthand, how the transition into a home can take a toll on family members. In addition, my Masters of Gerontology dually focused on family caregiving, specifically the special dynamics between aged parents and their children who care for them, and nursing home administration. At the University of Toronto-Continuing Education and Centennial College I taught students about the many facets of aging, all of which play a role in the day to day operations of a nursing home.

Taking the time to choose the right home for your loved one is one of the best investments you will ever make. Thank you for using NursingHomeRatings.ca.


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