Au Chateau



100 Michaud Avenue
Sturgeon Falls
P2B 2Z4




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3 User Ratings

Description Rating
The facility is clean and well maintained. 6/10
The facility feels 'home-like' (not institutional). 6.7/10
The facility is free of any offensive odours. 5.3/10
There are many activities for residents which cover a broad range of interests. 6.7/10
Rooms are spacious and comfortable (Bedrooms, Dining Room, Common Areas). 5/10
The building is safe, secured, and monitored for unwelcome guests. 6/10
The food is of good quality and appealing. 6.7/10
Medical care (i.e, physician) is accessible and treatment is provided in a timely fashion. 5.3/10
Staff respond to residents’ needs in a timely fashion. 6/10
Staff are quick to update me on the condition of my loved one. 5.3/10
Staff are friendly and approachable. 7.3/10
Staff treat residents with respect and dignity. 7.7/10
I would recommend this facility to others. 6.7/10


Have experience with this home? Rate it yourself.

On June 17th, 2013 at 2:59AM nicoleAuChateau posted the following:

The staff si great, there is too much to do for personal staff to attend for toileting Helping resident to return to bed especially at night. Good atmosphere between resident and staff, not enough time to do all the work they should be done. Some delay of care happens, they only have two legs, two hands, not robots. NM


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