Aurora Resthaven



32 Mill Street
L4G 2R9




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Description Rating
The facility is clean and well maintained. 4/10
The facility feels 'home-like' (not institutional). 3.3/10
The facility is free of any offensive odours. 3.6/10
There are many activities for residents which cover a broad range of interests. 4.2/10
Rooms are spacious and comfortable (Bedrooms, Dining Room, Common Areas). 3.7/10
The building is safe, secured, and monitored for unwelcome guests. 4.6/10
The food is of good quality and appealing. 4.6/10
Medical care (i.e, physician) is accessible and treatment is provided in a timely fashion. 4.7/10
Staff respond to residents’ needs in a timely fashion. 4.5/10
Staff are quick to update me on the condition of my loved one. 4.3/10
Staff are friendly and approachable. 4.3/10
Staff treat residents with respect and dignity. 4.5/10
I would recommend this facility to others. 3.7/10


Have experience with this home? Rate it yourself.

On September 5th, 2010 at 7:53PM Anonymous posted the following:

During my tour of the home, the place felt 'tence'. Staff seemed to be stressed and unwelcoming. One part of the home has spacious rooms, but there is a long waiting list to get in. After touring this home, I have considered others in the area.

On January 17th, 2011 at 10:48PM Janine Elliott posted the following:

My father's health improved immediately after he moved into Aurora Resthaven. He was fortunate to be placed in a private room in the new wing. The staff are friendly and his care is excellent. When he arrived, he couldn't walk and was constantly kept in a restraint belt while in hospital. At Resthaven, with the help of staff and the rehab therapist . . . my Dad is starting to walk, with assistance. He roams about the floor in his wheelchair, at other times and has regained his dignity. We are so happy we found Resthaven.

On January 31st, 2011 at 6:20PM K Brackett posted the following:

Mom moved into Aurora Resthaven from Sunrise of Aurora, when her medical needs increased. The older wing is crowded and not pleasant, but the new wing is wonderful - the staff kept me up to date on Mom, which was very good for me, as Mom's Alzheimers became more severe. Mom started out in the old wing and then was transferred to a single room in the new wing, as my request. I know that upgrades are being done to the old wing now. During Mom's final weeks, the staff were wonderful and kept Mom comfortable and let me know what was happening, it was handled very well and I appreciated it very much. I would highly recommend Aurora Resthaven.

On June 24th, 2014 at 10:14PM Annie22 posted the following:

Take the tour, then go back a few times on your own, not escorted by staff. Note: there are no fire sprinklers in the old section.

On December 2nd, 2015 at 3:50AM bridge posted the following:

Personal care....please acknowledge the seniors even when you hear a small concern. Not just giving them their meds and running away. Be compassionate that's what makes a winner in your profession. I have observed this many times and hear complaints from my parent. Its so cold and heartless. There are a few nursing staff and psw's who excel at what they do at the home. If this situation is not uplifting for me being that my parent is there. Do I want to be there someday? NO! There are some nice staff and good administration staff (most) and entertainment staff but overall personal care needs to be improved.

On August 24th, 2016 at 5:01AM Oak106 posted the following:

It took six months for me to get my mother out of Rest Haven and into a long-term care home that actually cares about her health, happiness, and welfare. My complaints to Rest Haven management didn't help. The CCAC wouldn't help. Here's what you can do: Step #1: Get a list of other nursing homes, choose a few that look good, then take the guided tours. When you find one or more that look good, go back and check it again by yourself. That's when you'll see the place when it's not spruced up for a tour. Just walk through the door with other people and you won't be noticed. Yes, it takes nerve. But you'll need to do it to ensure you're making the right choice. You're doing it for your loved one, so it's worth it. Step #2: When you've decided which homes look like good options, call Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care. They have a "hotline" for "Concerns and complaints from persons receiving service from long-term care and CCAC." Their phone #: 1-866-434-0144. Or check the OMH website for more contact information. Tell them your issues, and insist your loved one be transferred to your choice of facility as soon as possible. Call them daily to check their progress - be a squeaky wheel. If you don't get any action after a week, call the media, call your local MPP, call the Federal Government Dept. of Health. After I made all those calls, I received a surprise phone call that my mother would be transferred to the home of my choice within a few days. And it happened. Note: When you receive that call, visit the home you've chosen to see the room your loved one has been assigned. Talk to the staff, make sure the room looks good, it smells good, and the residents seem secure, clean,and content. If you happen to run into family members of residents, ask for their impressions of the facility. After everything you've been through, you don't need more bad surprises. Keep up the fight until you get what you want. Our taxes are funding (or helping to fund) these facilities. There are good long-term care homes out there. Good luck, and don't give up!


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