Beachgrove Home



200 Beach Grove Road
Prince Edward Island
C1E 1L3




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1 User Rating

Description Rating
The facility is clean and well maintained. 8/10
The facility feels 'home-like' (not institutional). 9/10
The facility is free of any offensive odours. 7/10
There are many activities for residents which cover a broad range of interests. 7/10
Rooms are spacious and comfortable (Bedrooms, Dining Room, Common Areas). 7/10
The building is safe, secured, and monitored for unwelcome guests. 6/10
The food is of good quality and appealing. 9/10
Medical care (i.e, physician) is accessible and treatment is provided in a timely fashion. 8/10
Staff respond to residents’ needs in a timely fashion. 7/10
Staff are quick to update me on the condition of my loved one. 9/10
Staff are friendly and approachable. 10/10
Staff treat residents with respect and dignity. 10/10
I would recommend this facility to others. 8/10


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