Nursing Homes in Ontario

Below is all of the nursing homes starting with the letter “C” in Ontario. You can use the letters below to browse through all of the nursing homes in Ontario. If you want to find nursing homes in other provinces, use the search box above.

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Name Address City Province Rating
Chateau Gardens Lancaster Long Term Care Centre 105 Military Road North P.O. Box 429 Abitibi 70 Ontario 7.1/10
Carefree Lodge 306 Finch Avenue East Abitibi 70 Ontario 8.5/10
Community Nursing Home (Alexandria) 92 Centre Street P.O. Box 300 Alexandria Ontario 9.2/10
Caressant Care Arthur Nursing Home 215 Eliza Street P.O. Box 700 Arthur Ontario 6/10
Chateau Gardens Aylmer Long-term Care Centre 465 Talbot Street West Aylmer Ontario 6.2/10
Coleman Care Centre 140 Cundles Road West Barrie Ontario Rate Now
Caressant Care Bourget 2279 Laval Street P.O. Box 99 Bourget Ontario Rate Now
Cama Woodlands Nursing Home 159 Panin Road Burlington Ontario Rate Now
Creek Way Village 5200 Corporate Drive Burlington Ontario 7.1/10
Cambridge Country Manor 3680 Speedsville Road R.R. #31 Cambridge Ontario 6.9/10
Copper Terrace 91 Tecumseh Road Chatham Ontario 5.7/10
Country Lane Long Term Care Residence Lot 2, Div 3, Con 1EGR, R.R. #3 Chatsworth Ontario Rate Now
Centre D-Accueil Roger Seguin 435 rue Lemay Clarence Creek Ontario Rate Now
Caressant Care Cobden 12 Wren Drive P.O. Box 339 Cobden Ontario Rate Now
Collingwood Nursing Home 250 Campbell Street Collingwood Ontario 9.5/10
Caressant Care Courtland 4850 Hwy 59 P.O. Box 279 Courtland Ontario 7.9/10
Chateau Gardens Elmira Long-term Care Centre 11 Herbert Street Elmira Ontario Rate Now
Caressant Care Fergus Nursing Home 450 Queen Street East Fergus Ontario 2.2/10
Crescent Park Lodge 4 Hagey Avenue Fort Erie Ontario Rate Now
Carveth Care Centre 375 James Street Gananque Ontario Rate Now
Caressant Care Harriston 24 Louise Street P.O. Box 520 Harriston Ontario 3/10
Country Terrace (Komoka) 10072 Oxbow Drive R.R. #3 Komoka Ontario Rate Now
Caressant Care On McLaughlin Road 114 McLaughlin Road Lindsay Ontario 2.2/10
Caressant Care Lindsay Nursing Home 240 Mary Street West Lindsay Ontario 3.4/10
Caressant Care Listowel Nursing Home 710 Reserve Avenue South Listowel Ontario 3.4/10
Chelsey Park (Oxford) Nursing Home 310 Oxford Street West London Ontario 7.1/10
Chateau Gardens London Long Term Care Centre 2000 Blackwater Road London Ontario 8.6/10
Caressant Care Marmora 58 Bursthall Street P.O. Box 429 Marmora Ontario Rate Now
Centennial Place Long-term Care Centre 2 Centennial Lane North Millbrook Ontario 7.9/10
Chelsey Park (Mississauga) Nursing Home 2250 Hurontario Street Mississauga Ontario Rate Now
Chelsey Park (Streetsville) Nursing Home 1742 Bristol Road West Mississauga Ontario Rate Now
Cawthra Gardens Long-term Care Community 590 Lolita Gardens Mississauga Ontario 2.4/10
Chateau Gardens Niagara Long Term Care Centre 120 Wellington Street P.O. Box 985 Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario 6.1/10
Cassellholme 400 Olive Street North Bay Ontario 4.1/10
Cummer Lodge 205 Cummer Avenue North York Ontario 4.6/10
Carleton Lodge 55 Lodge Road Ottawa Ontario Rate Now
Carlingview Manor 2330 Carling Avenue Ottawa Ontario Rate Now
Centre D'Accueil Champlain-Ville D'Ottawa 275 Avenue Perrier Ottawa Ontario Rate Now
Centre De Soins De Longue Duree Montfort 705 Chemin Montreal Ottawa Ontario 5.7/10
Chateau Gardens Parkhill Long Term Care Centre 250 Tain Street P.O. Box 129 Parkhill Ontario Rate Now
Community Nursing Home (Pickering) 1955 Valley Farm Road Pickering Ontario 3.6/10
Community Nursing Home (Port Hope) 20 Hope Street South Port Hope Ontario 6.3/10
Community Nursing Home (Port Perry) 15941 Simcoe Street Port Perry Ontario 8.7/10
Craiglee Nursing Home 102 Craiglee Drive Scarborough Ontario 4.8/10
Cedarwood Village 500 Queensway West Simcoe Ontario 5/10
Caressant Care On Mary Bucke 4 Mary Bucke Street St. Thomas Ontario 5.3/10
Caressant Care On Bonnie Place 15 Bonnie Place St. Thomas Ontario 6.4/10
Clarion Nursing Home (Stoney Creek) 337 Hwy 8 Stoney Creek Ontario Rate Now
Cardinal Ambrozic Houses of Providence 3276 St. Clair Avenue East Toronto Ontario Rate Now
Chester Village 3555 Danforth Avenue Toronto Ontario Rate Now
Castleview Wychwood Towers 351 Christie Street Toronto Ontario 1.1/10
Cheltenham Nursing Home 5935 Bathurst Street Toronto Ontario 1.4/10
Copernicus Lodge 66 Roncesvalles Avenue Toronto Ontario 6.6/10
Christie Gardens 600 Melita Crescent Toronto Ontario 9.2/10
Cedarvale Terrace 429 Walmer Road Toronto Ontario 9.8/10
Crown Ridge Place 106 Crown Street Trenton Ontario 5.5/10
Community Nursing Home (Warkworth) 97 Mill Street P.O. Box 68 Warkworth Ontario Rate Now
Columbia Forest Long Term Care 650 Mountainview Maple Avenue Waterloo Ontario 5.7/10
Chateau Park Nursing Home 2990 B Riverside Drive West Windsor Ontario 8.5/10
Country Village Health Care Centre 440 Country Road 8 R.R. #2 Woodslee Ontario 9.5/10
Caressant Care Woodstock Nursing Home 81 Fyfe Avenue Woodstock Ontario 5.3/10