Nursing Homes in Ontario

Below is all of the nursing homes starting with the letter “F” in Ontario. You can use the letters below to browse through all of the nursing homes in Ontario. If you want to find nursing homes in other provinces, use the search box above.

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Name Address City Province Rating
Fairview Manor 95 Spring Street Almonte Ontario Rate Now
Faith Manor Nursing Home 7900 McLaughlin Road South Brampton Ontario Rate Now
Fairview Mennonite Home 515 Lang's Drive Cambridge Ontario 8.9/10
Four Seasons Lodge 117 Banting Drive Deep River Ontario Rate Now
Friendly Manor Nursing Home 9756 Country Lane, #2 Mail, P.O. Box 305 Deseronto Ontario Rate Now
Fenelon Court Long Term Care Centre 44 Wychwood Crescent Fenelon Falls Ontario 8.3/10
Fordwich Village Nursing Home 3063 Adelaide Street Forwich Ontario Rate Now
Fairmont Home for the Aged 2069 Battersea Road R.R. #1 Glenburnie Ontario 9.4/10
Foyer Des Pionniers 67 15th Street P.O. Box 1538 Hearst Ontario Rate Now
Fairvern Nursing Home 14 Mill Street Huntsville Ontario Rate Now
Forest Hill 6501 Campeau Drive Kanata Ontario Rate Now
Forest Heights Long Term Care 60 Westheights Drive Kitchener Ontario 4.9/10
Franklin Gardens 24 Franklin Road Leamington Ontario Rate Now
Foyer St-Viateur Nursing Home 1003 Limoges Road Limoges Ontario Rate Now
Frost Manor 225 Mary Street West Lindsay Ontario Rate Now
Fosterbrooke Long Term Care Facility 330 King Avenue West Newcastle Ontario Rate Now
Fairhaven 881 Dutton Road Peterborough Ontario 3.8/10
Fiddick's Nursing Home Ltd. 437 First Avenue P.O. Box 340 Petrolia Ontario 6.5/10
F.J. Davey Home 733 Third Line East Box 9600 Sault Ste Marie Ontario 8.9/10
Finlandia Hoivakoti Nursing Home 233 Fourth Avenue Sudbury Ontario 4.3/10
Fairview Nursing Home 14 Cross Street Toronto Ontario Rate Now
Fudger House 439 Sherbourne Street Toronto Ontario 7.9/10
Fairfield Park 1934 Dufferin Avenue Wallaceburg Ontario 7.8/10
Foyer Richelieu Welland 655 avenue Tanguay Welland Ontario Rate Now
Fairview Lodge 632 Dundas Street West P.O. Box 300 Whitby Ontario 5.8/10