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Former Nurse Accused of Killing Eight Elderly Patients in Ontario Nursing Homes

Posted on Thu, December 1, 2016 at 9:35 am


Elizabeth Wettlaufer, the 49-year old former nurse charged in late October with killing eight elderly residents at two Ontario nursing homes remains in custody.  

Wettlaufer's story generated significant media interest and drew renewed attention to Canada's long-term care sector.

Stories of untimely deaths and serious incidents in nursing homes across the country are commonplace, but the magnitude of this story has shocked Canadians.  

A task force in 2012 suggests that about 20% of all serious issues in nursing homes are directly related to abuse and neglect.

At Nursing Home Ratings Inc., we have long advocated for critical oversight and regular visitation of loved ones in nursing home care.  While its true that increased funding and government support would help, nothing can replace the important role played by family members in their loved one's wellbeing.

Wettlaufer's story was widely followed by the media.

Below are some direct links from major Canadian publications.

Click on the link below to open the story:

National Post Story

MacLean's Magazine Article

Toronto Star Article


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