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Surveillance Cameras in Nursing Homes

Posted on Tue, January 31, 2017 at 5:15 pm


The use of surveillance cameras in residential homes and around front doors is nothing new.  You can even find them in daycare centres, never tiring in their duty of keeping a watchful eye on toddlers as they play and colour and nap.  

Certainly, the technology itself is not new.  But a recent movement to allow surveillance cameras in nursing homes is, and its catching many people's attention.  With that has come strong opinions on their validitiy and necessity.  A recent string of untimely deaths in Ontario nursing homes has renewed the publics' interest in elderly patient safety.

From a legislative standpoint, Quebec appears to be the first province to seriously tackle the issue of cameras in long-term care homes.  Their Provincial Parliament is set to debate Bill 115, a proposal that would allow residents to put hidden or visible security cameras in their loved ones' rooms without administration consent.   You can learn more about the Proposed Bill in a Montreal Gazette article here:

Montreal Gazette Article

Individual States in the USA are currently working through similar legalities related to cameras in long-term care homes.  Good Morning America recently featured a look at Maryland's legislative proposals (Maryland would be the first State to allow for such measures in the country) .  You can read more about what are called "grannycams" here:

ABC Good Morning America Article

Finally, the CBC also addressed the issue in an article below.  Both Canadians and the legal industry appear to be divided on the need or acceptability of such cameras. Certainly, renewed emphasis on resident wellbeing and safety across the country will continue to bring this issue to the forefront of legal and political agendas.  You can read more about the issue of security cameras in nursing homes here:

CBC Surveillance Cameras In Nursing Homes

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