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Food Costs in Ontario Nursing Homes

Posted on Wed, March 22, 2017 at 10:39 am

It ought to come as a shock to you that the province of Ontario spends less money per person per day feeding seniors than it does prisoners.  The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care currently has a $8.33/day food allotment for seniors in Long-Term Care homes, almost $1.50/day less than the amount alotted to prisoners in the province.  This issue was brought to light in a recent Toronto Star Article, the link to which is below.

In the article, Cathy Gapp, CEO of the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors, was quoted as saying that an increase of only $0.33 more a day would make a difference in meals and residents' quality of life.

Couple this news with groundbreaking research from Dr. Julia Rucklidge of New Zealand that suggests micronutrients and diet play a fundamental role in mental health, including degenerating brain illnesses like Alzheimers, and seniors' diets becomes even more important.  Fresh fruits and vegetables coupled with healthy meats and fish are imperative to physical and mental wellbeing.  But how much of that healthy, nutrient-filled food can be delivered on less than $9/day?  Not enough.

For a fascinating TED Talk by Dr. Julia Rucklidge on the connection between micronutrients and mental health, click on this link: TED Talk Dr. Julia Rucklidge 

For the entire Toronto Star Article on Nursing Home food costs, click here:

Toronto Star Article - Food Costs for Seniors of $8.33/day 

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