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Ontario Needs More Beds

Posted on Thu, March 30, 2017 at 10:52 am


Advocacy groups (and Nursing Home Ratings Inc. in a recent article on our site) and provincial opposition parties have been calling on the Wynne government to do something substantial about the present long-term care bed shortage in the province.  Currently at 26,500 beds, the shortfall is projected to nearly double to 50,000 in only six years.  The number of seniors in the province of Ontario that require access to nursing home care is getting close to crisis levels.  Disappointingly, the current government seems unwilling to properly address the problem, or, as NDP Leader Andrea Horvath suggests, they are "oblivious" to it.

PC MPP Bill Walker is expected to introduce a private members bill that will address the shortage.  You can contact Mr. Walker by visiting his webpage here: MPP Bill Walker 


We recommend that Ontario residents contact their local MPP and bring their attention to this issue.  Without immediate action, the bed shortage will only get worse, and worse quickly.  For the sake of Ontario's senior population, inaction is no longer acceptable.

The Toronto Star recently penned an article about this issue here: Toronto Star Article on Nursing Home Bed Shortage 

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