Understanding the Nursing Home System

As you begin your search for a nursing home, our comprehensive guide and description of each unique provincial nursing home system will be a fantastic starting place, loaded with useful information and answers to frequently asked questions. Have you every wondered who is available to help you with the application process? What documentation will you need to bring to the nursing home? What programs and services are covered in the monthly fee, and which ones you must pay for out-of-pocket? What is a leave of absence policy? If unhappy with the care, how do you file a compliant? These questions, and numerous others, are covered in considerable detail for each province in Canada.

Please note, many provinces are divided into regions, and these regions may have authority to decide some of their own policies and procedures. We have made every attempt to provide information that pertains to most regions, though in some cases, individuals region’s policies may differ from the general provincial policies.

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